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Alpaca Bunny Blend


Alpaca angora bunny blend yarn

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This beautiful ivory alpaca and angora bunny yarn is from Max (alpaca) and Fuggles (bun) 2017 shearing. They are members of the Twisted River herd. Maxs’ fiber is nice and soft and when mixed with Fuggles the bun it is heavenly! These fibers were professionally processed and spun at Mystic Waters mini mill in Wisconsin.

We hire professional shearers who get the job done humanely and quickly which reduces stress on the animal. Can’t say the animals enjoy the process, but they feel great when it’s over with. 🙂 All our boys are spoiled and love attention and treats. Our 2 bunnies are hand combed and scissor sheared 3 times a year.

80% Alpaca/20% English Angora Rabbit
150 yards/1.25+ oz