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SpinOlution Echo Spinning wheel

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This wheel does it all. It is light enough for travel but sturdy enough for production spinning. The Echo was designed as an economical option for spinners wanting a functional, lightweight wheel.

The new Golden Whorl technology gives you the speed needed for super fine cotton yarns but still have the versitility for woolly bulky yarns.  This wheel is simple enough for beginners to learn and grow yet engineered for experienced spinners to enjoy for years to come.

With the by-passable hook orifice, you can spin any weight of yarn – or include any embellishment – without getting stuck in an orifice. Magnetic bobbins make switching bobbins & production spinning effortless. The stretchy drive band can be moved to different ratios (speeds) in seconds. The treadling action is ergonomic, effortless, smooth and silent. 

Your new wheel will ship free (US lower 48) directly from SpinOlution, is made to order and will take 3-6 weeks to arrive. Once you receive your wheel, we are absolutely available to answer your questions, give support and make sure you’re ecstatic about your purchase!

Now Available with Wildflowers

Upgrade your Echo with a laser engraved Wildflowers design. Choose to engrave the spinner-side of the wheel, the audience-side, post or get the whole garden to transform your new wheel into a work of art.

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