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Monarch studio wheel

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Top of the Line Spinning

Formerly known as the MACH, this spinning wheel is equivalent to a MACH 4 featuring a new “knock-less” treadle design.

The Monarch is a production studio wheel for spinners who need a comfortable wheel that they can spin for hours without feeling fatigued. It has been redesigned for super quiet knock less treadling. One of the many nice features are the toe breaks for stopping on a dime, and 4 different head sizes to choose from (8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, and 64 oz). You can spin all weights of yarn from “frogs hair” to “super chunk”. New Golden Whirl mechanics make fine cotton spinning a breeze.

The Monarch is the most popular wheel for production spinners wanting a comfortable, smooth, and exceptionally silent spinning experience. This wheel is appropriate for all experience levels from beginners to experts. The treadling is meditative and soothing as the fiber twists effortlessly between their fingers. 

Your new wheel will ship free (US lower 48) directly from SpinOlution, is made to order and will take 3-6 weeks to arrive. Once you receive your wheel, we are absolutely available to answer your questions, give support and make sure you’re ecstatic about your purchase!


Choose a package deal and get an extra setup with three bobbins, lazy kate and skeinwinder.

The Monarch Package comes with the Monarch Wheel BaseTwo Flyer Sizes + Accessories. Choose from any of the following package combinations based on your spinning needs:

  • $1919 Fine Yarn Package (4A + 8 oz)
  • $1919 Traditional Yarn Package (8 oz + 16 oz)
  • $1919 Bulky Yarn Package (8 oz + 32 oz)
  • $1944 – Art Yarn Package (16 oz + 32 oz)

Deck out your Monarch with engraved wildflowers

Upgrade your Monarch with a laser engraved Butterfly and Wildflowers design. Choose to engrave the spinner-side of the wheel, post or the whole butterfly garden.


Weight: 25 lb
Height: 32 in
Width: 24 in
Depth: 12 in
Wheel Size: 20 in

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Wheel Options

4A & 3 Bobbins, 4A + 8oz Package Deal, 8oz & 3 Bobbins, 16oz & 3 Bobbins, 32oz & 3 Bobbins, 8oz & 16oz Package Deal, 8oz & 32oz Package Deal, 16oz & 32oz Package Deal

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